Top 7 Telesales Tactics Can Increase Sales

What is telesales? 

Telesales is the selling of products or services through the telephone. 

Telesales also accomplish multiple challenges of informing prospects and customers, qualifying prospecting customers, selling products, etc. That’s why choosing the right telesales tactics is one of the priorities for your strategy and marketing campaign. 

Here are 7 telesales tactics that will significantly increase your sales!

  1. Lead management

You need to keep the data of your customer up to date. It includes dividing the data that need to be prioritized. By doing this, the productivity of your telesales team will be increased because they can focus on the prioritized lead rather than calling all the numbers without any results. 

  1. Choosing a proper dialing mode

Advanced telesales uses software that helps them to contact more people and close sales. To accomplish this, you need the proper type of dialing mode. 

  1. Implementing telesales training session 

The company needs to provide training sessions for the agent to increase their sales abilities and productivity. By doing this, the agent will be able to adjust their conversation techniques at the right moment.

  1. Sales script as a guide

Telesales should remain flexible as customers do not want to face an overly-robotic telesales pitch. However, having a rough script will help you to efficiently handle various call interactions. 

Using a script as a guide will also help you to deliver your messages clearly and confidently. 

  1. The 30-second rule

The first 30 seconds of your call are important. It decides how your lead perceives you for the rest of the call. That is why, you have to understand these 3 points in the first 30 seconds of your call: 

  1. What do they want out of the call?
  2. What is the root problem that they are trying to solve?
  3. What will motivate them to listen to your entire pitch attentively?

  1. Align the needs of your lead to your product or service

As a salesperson, you need to make your customers feel that the product you offer is what they are looking for. Most people miss out on deals because the telesales representatives fail to align the needs of the lead to their products or services. 

  1. Increasing employees engagement

Satisfied employees produce satisfying results. You can increase the employees’ engagement by rewarding them when they reach the target. It can also stimulate productivity and energize the employees. 

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