The Advantages of Contact Center

When it comes to Contact Centers, what comes to people’s minds? Customer Service and Call Centers?

What a Contact Center actually is? 

Contact Centers are actually one of the most touch points in an organization. Most current literature defines Contact Centers as physical stations that allow an organization’s customers to contact them through different communication channels, such as telephone, touch-point telephone, fax, letter, e-mail, web, online live chat, and social networks.

According to Millard et al. (2004), “Contact Centers are regarded as a primary mechanism for businesses to talk to their customers”. Meanwhile according to Owens (2014), “Call centers are understood to be worksites where staff provide services over the telephone to customers at remote locations. And contact centers are the more recent terminology for similar work where staff interact with customers, not only over the telephone but also over the Internet and by fax, accessing and entering customer data as they are communicating”

Having customer-focused Contact Centers is thus crucial for any organization. A study by Bain & Company found that, for many companies, an increase of 5 percent in customer retention can increase profit by 25-95 percent (Reichheld, 2001). Another report mentions that “Every single step needs to be done well – it is not sufficient just to have a wonderful set of people in the call center, you need to sustain that experience at every point of contact and address the total customer experience” (Millard, 2006). 

It means that providing excellent contact centers is important for business. It will help the organization to build a positive image, increase the customer experience, increase customer retention, and so on. 

However, providing excellent contact centers is not easy. First, you must provide good technology and procedures to ensure the productivity of your contact center agents. You also have to recruit the agents and provide them with soft skills training to make sure that they have the certain skills needed in contact centers. 

Instead of doing all of these alone, outsourcing business will be a great solution for your organization. What are the advantages of contact center outsourcing for business? 

  1. Less Expensive

Contact center outsourcing will help you save the money you would otherwise use for office rent, infrastructure costs, equipment purchases, facility maintenance, technology investment, and hiring & training contact center agents. 

  1. Improve Customer Experience

Customers want to get an answer to their queries and want to get their issues resolved whenever they want. Since outsourcing business will help you provide a dedicated team to serve customers 24/7, your customers will be happy with your service and it will increase your  customer experience. 

  1. Competent agents

Outsourcing businesses will provide well-trained agents that can handle your customer needs. These agents are trained with the soft skills and technical ability to enhance customer relationships. So that they can handle queries well and fast. 

  1. Time-Saving

You just need to focus on your core business because outsourcing business will help you handle the recruitment process, train new agents, monitor the agents, deal with employee turnover, and so on. 

Those are the advantages of contact center outsourcing for your business. Before choosing an outsourcing company to help you handle your contact center team, it is important for you to find the right partner for your business. 

As a service provider, Resvara always tries to put ourselves in our customer’s point of view. We understand that entrusting some of your business operations to an external party is not easy. For that, we appreciate the trust you have placed in us. Because your needs and satisfaction are our top priorities.