5 Reasons Customer Service is Important

With our rushed lifestyles, overloaded desktops, and fast-paced work schedules, we are all looking for a little comfort. Comfort might come in the form of a customer service representative greeting us enthusiastically when we call them, a customer service representative who is trying to get our issues resolved quickly, or a cheerful voice saying, ‘Hello, welcome!’ when we enter a retail store. 

Receiving great customer service is all that customers want. 

Great customer service is a vital point in an organization. It is about dedicated, trustworthy employees and loyal, satisfied customers. Meanwhile, poor customer service leads to customer dissatisfaction. 

Today, with more competitors vying for customers’ attention, exceptional customer service is essential to staying profitable in business. Businesses cannot survive without customers. So to attract and retain them, companies need to listen to their customers and strive to serve them well.

According to a TalkDesk report, 54% of Gen Z and 56% of millennials say that they have stopped doing business with a company due to bad customer service. 

So, how important is customer service for an organization?

  1. Retaining Customers

Customers want to get their issues resolved, get warm service, and a customer service representative who understands what they need. When customers receive good service, it will increase their loyalty. They will most likely return and become your regular customers.

  1. Increasing Company Values

Your customer service team is responsible for representing your company. Good customer service results in good reviews and images, and the customers will likely recommend your company to others. 

  1. Acquiring New Customers

If your customers are satisfied with the service you provide, they will recommend your company to their relatives or friends or even recommend your company through social media. By this means, you will acquire new customers from your existing customers.

  1. Increasing Revenue

Being there for your customers can increase their trust in your company. It can also make them spend more money on your product. Research shows that 68% of customers are willing to pay more for services and products from a company that delivers a better customer service experience. 

  1. Receiving Feedback

Through customer service representatives, you can also ask for feedback from customers. It will help you increase the quality of your service and product. 

Customer service can be a great help to develop your business. However, building a professional customer service team is not easy. First, you need to recruit agents, provide them with the best infrastructures (laptop, headset, etc.),  then you also need to provide them with various training. 

Resvaracan help you build your dream team! 

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