4 Ways Telemarketing Can Increase Sales

Telemarketing has become a powerful marketing technique. The effective use of the telephone as a sales tool goes back to the early 1900s. At first, telephones were used primarily by salespeople to help them make initial sales contact and to schedule appointments. 

And today it’s one of the most popular methods to boost sales as it helps sales executives in pitching sales earlier, then face-to-face meetings and supports them in convincing the client.

So, how to increase sales effectiveness with telemarketing? 

Build Brand Awareness

Particularly for companies without a significant market presence, telephone contact can serve as another awareness enhancement of your company or brand name. 

This is where voicemail becomes our friend. Depending upon the factors like the industry and the size of the company, a telemarketer will reach a voicemail on about 70% to 95% of their dials. While voicemail suffers the same risk of “trigger-finger delete” as unsolicited emails, some people do listen, at least long enough to hear the company name and the primary message. (This is where well-scripted messaging becomes critical.) 

At best, they’ll hear your offer, your message and your brand/company name. At least, they’ll hear your brand name, which is an impression you wouldn’t have had otherwise. And this, of course, may enhance recognition when they see your name on your next communication. 

Get in on the “ground floor” with a new customer

Cold calling enables you to open a dialogue with the new, undiscovered people, often before they’ve even begun the buying process. Think about it – someone who doesn’t know you exist, with only a marginal understanding of the problem you solve – is not going to come looking for you. Telemarketing is a very direct method of identifying those people. 

When you’re in an account first, you can be the one to educate them, help them set benchmarks, and even help them format their RFP. It may be a long and nurturing process, but it can yield a lucrative relationship. 

Generate Key Customer and Marketplace Data 

If you have a strategic, targeted list of prospects, your telemarketing operation can help fill in some of the blanks in your database with key information. This information can then be used to focus your future sales and marketing communications. 

For example, you can generate data of a prospect’s usage of competitive products or services. The callers can simply ask whether they utilize a competing product/service if they are under contract, have their own internal resources, will have a need in six months, etc. Eventually, you can segment your database and target specific campaigns to specific situations for greater impact.  

Cross-sells & Upsells

A telemarketing call center can find ways to upsell and cross-sell against your current database to keep the momentum alive with customers who are already a fan of your product or service.

Now you understand how telemarketing can help you increase your sales numbers. So it’s your turn to implement them in your business!

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